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Seven Knights Global has NEW updates every week!

Please check the breakdown of the newest update by following the link below.
Are you playing for the first time? Or are you getting back into the game?
Either way, now’s the perfect time to DOWNLOAD and join in!

Join the saga of "Seven Knights": an exciting RPG filled with heroics, adventure, and a diverse assortment of both friends and foes.

The land of Asgar is in need of brave warriors who can face the God of Destruction and preserve peace. It is up to you, along with Evan and Karin, to put together a band of warriors to save the land and achieve victory!

Are you playing for the first time?
Or are you getting back into the game?
Either way, now’s the perfect time to download and join in!

- Enlist a versatile team to fight by combining hundreds of heroes in powerful combinations
- Watch your team battle with dynamic effects and diverse skill animations

- Power Up, Rank Up, and Gear Up to prepare your heroes in their quest to protect Asgar
- Customize your team's formation and manage their skills to strategize for the upcoming battles

- Adventure Mode: Conquer the Continents as you train your heroes!
- Battle Mode: Duel with other players to prove your worth!
- Celestial Tower: Push yourself to the limit as you battle levels of increasing difficulty!
- Daily Dungeon: Gain a variety of rewards when you emerge victorious
- Castle Rush: Fight alongside your guildmates to earn the honor of being the best guild!

Enter the world of Seven Knights and begin your own adventure today!

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Version history Seven Knights
New in Seven Knights 4.6.00
- Four Lords of Old's Teo Awakens
- Special Hero Hidden Master Bathory Arrives
- New Mode: Guild Raid
- Limit Break Improvements
- Adventure Revamp & Content Improvements
- 3rd Anniversary Jumping Check-in
- New Step-Up Summon
- New Costumes
For more details, check the Update/Event Notices after the maintenance!
New in Seven Knights 4.5.20
- Hero Awakening Voting Event
- World Boss Remake: Niu Mo Wang
- Guild War Revamp
- Guild Dungeon Regular Season Begins
- New Costume Sale
For more details, check the Update/Event Notices after the maintenance!
New in Seven Knights 4.0.20
- Chloe’s Secret Shop (Dragon Spear/Ancient Book)
- Water Fight festival Special Event
- [Limited time] Step Up Summon (Aris)
- New (Premium) Special Element Package added
- Special Package (Exclusive Deals) is refreshed and improved
- New Costumes added
New in Seven Knights 3.9.00
[124th Google What's New]- A new Special Hero, Hidden Master "Atalanta"- Multiple new Features and Improvements- Costumes SalePlease check out the 124th Update and Event Notices for more details!
New in Seven Knights 3.8.20
-Week 2 of Masters’ Invitation, Amelia Dungeon has Opened!-A new Special Pet, Zanabi and 5 new Normal Pets-A new Step Up Summon (Zanabi/Yu Selector)-May’s Lucky Calendar with upgraded rewards is on sale for a limited time only (2/21 update ~ until the next update)-Guild War Season 12 has started.Please check out the 122nd Update and Event Notices for more details!
New in Seven Knights 3.8.10
Seven Knights 2/14 Major Update!-A new updated Content "Masters' Invitation"-A new Special Hero, Night Crow "Orly"-Improvement on the Summon Shop UI-Fixed Costume Stats and Costume Re-sales!-Please check out the 121st Update and Event Notices for more details!
New in Seven Knights 3.7.10
*A new Step Up Summon [Aris] event is ongoing (1/25 update ~ until the next Special Hero gets released)*May's Lucky Calendar is on sale (1/25 update ~ until the next update)*In-game cashback event is ongoing (1/25 update ~ until the next update)- A New Special Hero, Pentagon "Aris"- Aris Achievement Event has been added- A new Step up Summon / Costumes have been released- In-game System improvementsPlease check out the 118th Update notice for more details!
New in Seven Knights 3.4.00
1. New Awakened Hero2. Improvements to Tartarus mode and Dimensional Arena3. Black Friday Events
New in Seven Knights 3.2.00
*Amelia Update Celebration Package and new other Packages are on sale (10/13~10/26)*2nd Anniversary Event Check-In event is ongoing (10/13~11/30)*Step Up Summon (Amelia) and Step Up Summon (Four Lords) events are ongoing (10/13~)-New Special Hero, Amelia, has been added.-Combined Arena for the Asia/Global servers, Dimensional Arena, has been added.-2nd Anniversary Event Check-In has been added.and other various events & many great features have been added!
New in Seven Knights 3.1.50
[What's new]*Mercure Update Celebration Package on sale! (9/22~10/13)*Step-up Summon on going (9/22)*May's Lucky Box on sale! (from 9/22 until the next update)*Chole Chest 1+1/Special Bonus Event on going (9/22 ~ until next update)- New Special Hero (Mercure) Update!- "Nightmare" mode added in Castle Rush- Event Achievements- Improved Item Drop and EXP in 8th ~ 12th Territory
New in Seven Knights 3.1.00
[What's new]*Hero Remake Celebration Event Package is on sale (9/15~10/26)*[4~6★ Special Jewel] Summon Ticket is on sale for a limited time (9/15~Until the next update)*Alice’s Gift [Hero Selector] event is ongoing (9/15~9/22)- Brand new "Tartarus" content has been added!- Heroes Revamped (Lu Bu / Kyrielle)- Hero Formation (Max level cap increase)- Multiple in-game Improvements!
New in Seven Knights 3.0.10
* A brand new event package is on sale (8/17~8/31)* New Awakened costumes are on sale (8/17~8/31)- New Awakened Hero & Hero Remake- Raid Content Revamped- New Difficulty in Daily Dungeon- Convenient Feature Improvements- Special Hero Summon Chessboard: Yeonhee has added
New in Seven Knights 2.9.00
[7/27 Update]- Lobby / Contents Entry UI Changes- A New Territory in Exploration- New Guild War Season 9- Convenient Feature Improvements1. Hero Transcend Materials: Awakened Hero2. UI updates on the Inbox & [Collect All] Feature- New Costumes- May’s Lucky Box- Alice’s Gift: Elements
New in Seven Knights 2.8.00
[7/6 - UPDATE & ONGOING EVENT]1. New Special Hero(Hidden Master): Roro2. Step Up Summon(Roro Guaranteed)3. Alice’s Prosperity Package Reset4. Quest Icon update5. Special Hero Synthesis6. Accumulated Purchase Rewards(Accessory)7. Special Event/Element Package8. New Awakened Costumes9. Hero/Pet Acquisition Rate Up(Roro/Hudson, Bigtoe)10. Guild War Season 8 ends
New in Seven Knights 2.7.10
- New Hero Available- New Costume Sale- Convenience Improvements
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